Friday, March 27, 2009

high school

high school girls?
gossiping? experimenting guys? love story or should we call it 'cinta monyet'..haha!!!

gedikness? bitch!!

gosh!! how i miss all those shit!

yeah it's all shit but

it's everything that revolved around our teenage world

things that spice up our life in high school

girls bitching around..


so called BFFs slaping each others' face

so-called-hot guys showing off their baby-faced just to get girls' attention

bad guys gets good girls

hot girls gets hot guys

nerds never had a chance

bad guys VS nerds

good girls VS bitches

the principle and endless speech


lovey-dopey couple


stealing each others' bf/gf-s..opps



the drama

the cliques


truth to be told..all these shits taught me a lot.

experience is learning.

i'm sure that all of us have been through our teenage life experience.

mostly are the same.

like what have I listed up there, it's common.

high school life.
and i miss it so much!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


february babies
birthday girls and birthday boys...
one fact i've just discovered:
most of my friends and ex-schoolmate were born in the month of february.!
i only realised this when I received too many of all these birthday-reminders on myspace..friendster..etc
reminding me of my frens birthdaysss
yeah..of crse i cant remember all of them.
anyways, to all my frens, cousins, ex-schoolmates, frens here in KBU...
i'm sorry that i did not personally wish to some of you..
seems like everyone was born in the month of february.
this include my 17-year-old sis. her birthday is on the 26th of FEB..
to ADIK, happy birthday!!
i wish u all the best :D
and oh yeah..sorry i didn't have much money to buy expensive present fr u
it's quite unfortunate that your birthday is close to mama's
so, i need to spend my money more on mama's present than yours
u do understand why is that right?~~~hehehe~~~
also to the most important person in my life,
Happy Birthday Too!!
eventhough u're not one of those february babies but your birthday falls on the day after the last day of february
so mama, u're the march baby
i'm trying my best to save my money to buy present for her
but..huh..dats pretty hard..
i'll try my best though