Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pelakon terbaik..or plastic

i hate it when i'm good at pretending

pretending everything's fine eventhough it's not

pretending i'm happy when deep inside i'm terribly sad

pretending i'm okay when i'm not

why do you have to do that?

why do you need to pretend that?

yes u can LIE, but please don't lie to yourself, it's the worst of all

and why suddenly you stop crying? bajet ko kuat sangat la haa!!

yes, i'm not a good actress in the end, especially to myself

i'm terribly sorry for her

are u happy when i'm not?

i'm sorry

i should've cry with you like we always did

i should've laugh with u when u're happy

i should've tell u everything's gonna be fine

i should've be with you when u needed me the most

i should've seen that coming

but u didn't see it either...

Friday, June 18, 2010

tok kata saya comel

tok kate saye comel~weee :)

ok i'm gettin fatter n fatter everyday.fullstop.

first. sebab hari hari saya makan ayam.muke pun da mcm ayam.bende lain mahal la kat adelaide.fullstop again.

second.saya semakin suka chocolates.and recently i'm really addicted to cadbury hazelnut chocs and mars PODS.ish, tengah malam pun dok makan lagi bende2 nih :(

third.sudah 5 bulan tidak jogging! 5 months!!! dulu x jog sebulan pun dah rase gemuk gila kan, now just imagine 5 whole months of no-jog-and-only-chocolates-n-chips.

yes.i'm chubby now :) big smile

i was skyping with my family the other day once we got internet connection. it was few months after i arrived here though, so agak lama la mereka tak tengok saya :) oh and the first impression was...

"haaa...hani! tengok2, dah chubby!" dengan bunyi tekejot yg sgt lah tekejot
ok mum, dad, siblings, i'm still asma hani :) dont be too shocked, i love food more now :) heee

that was the "my family" skyping session
next, the "big family" skyping session

oh and this time, tok and cousins were there too :)
"hani tengok muke, hani tengok rambut dah panjang ke? hani tengok bilik, hani tengok katil, hani tengok itu and ini..bla bla bla.."ok saye layan je

ok tok nak cakap ni :)
"assalamualaikum hani..."
"TOKK!! wslm :) heeee......"senyum dengan lebarnye sambil buat muke comel konon2nye ;p
"apa khabaq? la..comey dah......pipi dok tembam"
opppsss..hahahaha terus speechless sambil senyum control malu

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...tu dia tok dah habaq mai..pipi dah naek lagu pau..haha
maka betul la saye dah tembam :)
but it's okay as long as i can maintain healthy lifestyle and weight :) ceh ckap mcm bole maintain je

to think of it, my diet hasn't changed much since i came here, it just that recently the autumn-winter weather makes me hungry faster than ever.blame the weather now..haha..i'm innocent, it's too cold so i get hungry ;)

tapi kesimpulannye tok cakap saye comel..haha..xde kene mengena :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

i'm satisfied

apabila orang tak reti bagi nasihat..

that's what happened

thank you