Saturday, September 5, 2009

studying for mock??

saye nak shopping!!~
when a shopaholic is being restricted from shopping, he or she will show a numerous symptoms which eventually can affect one's ability to concentrate, focus or even worsen one's health and sometimes leading to an emotional breakdown. Addiction to shopping is good as it increase aggregate spending, what we shopaholics try to do, is just to help to reduce economic fluctuations and especially, we want to generate the economy.

MOCK's coming in less than a week and everyone's focusing on their studies including myself. but i don't why i can't give full concentration to my studies for these couple of days. Perhaps, i'm just too nervous for the upcoming exam or i'm pretty sure it's due to my lack of shopping lately..hahah. truth to be told, the last time i shop was like in the middle of this year, which was in the past few months. great! i guess my dad's credit card bill was not that high lately.

back to the story, so, here i am, blogging, trying to pujuk myself not to go out shopping, trying to convince myself that study is more important this week n keep telling and promising to myself that i can shop whatever i want after mock exam. making a deal with myself; if i study hard, i get to shop harder too :D yeah c'mon gurl..just one more week till mock! then u can shop till u drop!

but it's not too easy though. eventhough i stay at home, trying to study, i keep thinking of One Utama, and the Curve and Pavillion and Sunway pyramid too and knowing the fact that every shop are having great sale now distracted me a lot. yeah i'm desperate now. whenever i calculate the initial vertical velocity or the torque, i'm thinking of high heels and cool wedges and those colourful sandals to suit my baju raya. and when i try to memorise the colour of transition metals, my mind project the image of those stylish, colourful, unforgettable, well-design tops. so tell me now, how do i study with all these on my mind at all time? i ended up online, googling for shoes and clothes and handbags. simply, i'm practically window-shopping and NOT studying!!

anyways, after several hours of online's the result..

nine west collection
and they are on sale~so it's really affordable :D
happy studying everyone
and good luck for MOCK !!!