Monday, November 30, 2009

as much as I can remember
the feelings were different
and now
I didn't expect this

it's too far from what I thought it would be

my wish

let the fun begin

7.00 am
i heard my dad's voice..
"asma hani, bangun"
ok dad, what now? i dnt go to school anymore..i have no more classes to attend
"no..wake up, kate nak ikut pgi buat pasport" uh-uh forget bout dat.
So i woke up, reluctantly, leaving the best place in the whole world-my bed :D

Arrived at Imigresen Malaysia-Subang Jaya
and hundred of people already lining up. i thought there was an event or something but nope, people are lining up for pasport. c'mon people, it's early morning, go back to sleep ;p
well, actually i thought i'm the earliest person to arrive-haha..berangan je~sampai sana i'm like the 300th person. I was blurr at first, have no idea where to start and find the form. Luckily there's a few aunties and uncles helped me, telling me to get those form and lining up to get ur number. My dad didnt want to follow- he said i'm already 19, i dnt need him or mama to accompany me and said that i cant be a little girl anymore, i should do all that stuff alone, without anybody's help-yup he only dropped me off in front of the office :) thanks dad

the place was extremely packed especially those families, mums and dads and grannys and KIDS. yeah i forgot, it's school holiday, everyone's going for a vacation~ yup!! let the fun begin with the pasport..hahah...and guess how much FUN i had..waiting for my turn, from 9.00am to 3.oopm. Damn bored and it was very tiring. Thanks to i-dnt-know-whats-his-name, who exchanged his number. Apparently, he has to go for doctor's appointment first and afraid that he can't come back in time, so we exchanged number and i got to go earlier :D~thank God

seharian menunggu pasportku~balek tdo :)