Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i miss her
i miss him

i miss them
i miss everyone

and i miss you too..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

makan lagi

Finally, i went back to my beloved kampung. wonderful :)

sampai terus makan, though it was 12 midnight. petai bakar di malam hari~cannot find those in subang jaya kan ;p and not to be missed tok's sambal belacan.

The next day, cooking session started early, around 9! yup 9.00 am in the MORNING. Helping my mum and tok-tok with the dishes made me feel like i'm in the reality tv show, HELL'S KITCHEN..haha..everyone's rushing, here and there, masak nasi, gulai, menggoreng, memotong, merebus dan segala method of cooking. After 2 hours of cooking race in the kitchen, lunch's finally ready~yummy!! main menu..nasi, the famous gulai rebung, kerabu pelam tok su, and sambal belacan. one word to describe it PERFECT :) kalah mana2 set lunch kt luar sana.

Of course, not to be missed, pencuci mulut..tepung talam~how traditional kan..but oh heaven, i felt like crying~i cant remember the last time i ate those kueh mueh tradisional.
Beberapa jam kemudian..tadaaa~it's dinner time baby :) yummy~yummy again
Tok su said she only prepares murtabak but when we arrived, ho!! ho! ho!..the dining table was FULL of food..and durian too.what? how come suddenly ade durian nih? And it's not just durian, it's PULUT with DURIAN..yup :) typical kampung style~the best :)
I haven't eat durian for quite some time so that dinner was like the most wonderful night..haha poyo je bunyi~I ate a lot obviously. more malu2 or nak control makan lagi dah kt rumah orang, memang bantai habis la :)

After that went back home, and I can't sleep..too kenyang and my stomach seems to be a bit suprised of those unfamiliar food that went into it..haha.
The next day, I went out jalan2 with my family and again MAKAN :)
I must say living in alor setar is way better in terms of FOOD..damn cheap and damn GOOD,
seriously, sedap gle okayh..i dnt knw where else to find those kind of cheap-and-delicious food.
Whenever I think of food feels like planning to move there. I always imagine if we move there, eat and eat a lot everyday..hurmm..i think i maybe can't control myself, haha..i'll go crazy with the food and end up being! so, the conclusion is, i can't stay there, stay here in subang jaya where there is LESS food and LESS delicious food and LESS fats and calories. taknak la over sgt kan makan. ( and asma hani mmg x boleh cntrol makan klu mknan sume sedap2 gle okay :) ) was awish's birthday party and we gathered at cik's new house.guess i don't have to say it's makan time :) hoorayyy~ so dapat la merase makan laksa pulak. yummy again and this time i ate a lot..lama kot x dapat mkn laksa. so that was it, me eating laksa sampai malam :)

it feels really good coming back to kampung.
spending time with my relatives
get some peacefullness
away from city
fresh air and the blue sky
green's everywhere
and not to be missed...
the food

i'll be back again soon insyaallah~