Sunday, June 14, 2009


i hate packing up.especially when holiday's clothes are all over the room's a mess.i'm so damn lazy to pick them up and put into my bag.oh how i wish the mid-term break is longer.why can't they give us another week?just one.

i need more sleep.yes,definitely, even though i slept most of the time.
i need more shopping spree.there's just too much heels and bags nowadays.don't blame me.
i need time to prepare myself to face ausmat again.last 6 months was a total am i goin to face another half of ausmat?

Accepting the fact that holiday's over has made me feel i think i'm going to have fever again, so that i dnt have to go to college again.this reminds me of my chilhood time, when school's break over, the monday's early morning drama started. my dad would wake me up and i was terribly sad and keep asking my dad 'why do i have to go to school?' and 'why can't i have another day of holiday?' and then reluctantly i would go to the bathroom and cry until my eyes red.but no matter how red my eye was, my dad still sent me to school.the i'm thinking of doing the same drama though i'm no more 7 year-old girl.

i'm going back to bu tonite.even though it's just 15-minutes drive away from my home, it feels as if my parent is going to send me to Africa. and that reminds me that i need to buy some groceries and abundant supply of nescafe.

Amar is creating noise pollution with his helicopter toy besides me that I can't think of any words to write anymore and there's enough crap. my clothes are calling me to get themselves into the black bag and yeah, it's time to pack up. hany get your lazy bum off the bed and turn off the laptop and get ready to get back to reality.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

reunion, atuk's lecture and the nazs brother

my so-called holiday

All I can think is plenty of sleeping's the greatest plesure besides eating and shopping! finally i can rest my head and have a good rest, though it's only one week.

I didn't get the chance to go back to alor setar this time. Stayed at home and eat and sleep. And of course, one special ocassion that never miss out during school holidays; WEDDING! it's like a never-ending event. wedding of paklongs..pakngahs..paklangs..makteh mak itu mak ini and the list goes on and on. As for my mum's side, wedding of abang itu and abang ini and kakak..and all my cousins who are getting's like an endless list of wedding. But anyways, I still have to go and face the kenduri-kendara and usually it takes more than a day. God!..susahnye nk buat wedding..sampai berhari-hari.

An appropriate and precise definition of wedding for my family is the family reunion, and not just a celebration of welcoming another new member to the family. It's the opportunity for everyone to gather and exchange themselves. Common questions which are being asked during the 'gathering' includes.."yg ni anak sulung eh? knape nmpk laen skrg?"...."skrg study mana?"...."knape kakak nmpak mcm adik?"...."knapa ambik course tu?"..."knapa itu dan knapa ini?" urggh!! there's just too much hows and whys. Sometimes it really annoys me to answer all these questions from my aunts and uncles. And suprise, this time of event also there's gonna be free lecture from atuk2 sedara dan nenek juge... the lecture's of course specially for us, the beloved cucu2. To begin with, recently, at my cousin's wedding, I met my atuk sedara and his wife whom I have not met for a few years. Then, guess what? as usual..the first few standard questions.."where are studying nw?...what course?...etc...and the final question.."do u have a boyfriend?" And i was shocked!! i mean why are they asking me that question.?? okay.. then silence was my only response. And he was like..." must have one now!! u need to have a boyfriend!!...u've entered college, so right now u have to have one...." and fyi, he and his wife both are professor and the whole entire lecture has nothing at all associated with studies, instead it's about finding ur love!! And he even told me that bf is the first that u must look forward to once u went into uni..and that he said is one of the important task i need to complete besides getting a degree..or else I'll end up marrying an aussie guy. My nek then started to tell me her love story with atuk and how girls are supposed to jual mahal at's funny how she told us about the guys she rejected and then my atuk warned me not to jual mahal sangat. ouch!!! i'm not ( ok atuk..i'll try ) Anyway, I should thank him for the lecture.

I got to meet my nephews and nieces too! It's almost one year or more since I last saw them and God, they're growing at a faster rate than I thought..haha. Being surrounded by them, unfortunately, made me feel old. And yeah..more suprise for me, there's 2 new babies!!..i'm getting more nieces and nephews. well most of them aged between 9 months and 5 years old and u can imagine how noisy it was. running here and there, climbing and some of them who just learnt to walk just can't sit still and moved around in the house. There's crying, and screaming and those unbearable noises..but still kids are kids. It's not that I'm not used to this, but it's just too many of them at one time. So, I, as so called 'aunty', have no choice but to entertain and babysit them..yup babysit, but not for long of course, i'm not that good with kids..hahah. But they're really cute and adorable. Here are some pictures of them...