Saturday, May 23, 2009

and finally...

after 1 whole year, finally i met my long-lost bestfren, Nur Syazwani (wany, u should be proud cause i made this statement and write this post specially for you). I'm so happy that u've completed your one-year matriculation and cant wait to know which university u're goin to. wherever it is, i know you'll do well girl. and i'll always pray for u =D.

back to the main story here.
i'm extremely happy today, though the constant pressure of midterm is keep goin on in my head. Since last night I was excited. It's been a long time since I last met her. it's been one whole year. and today, we finally met. She's still the same old person i knew. happy, calm, and pleasant.
I went back today, and straight away shana picked me up. and there's wany too ( gosh! only god knows how happy i was at that time ). we went to pyramid. had big lunch at fish market and ate and ate and talked and laughed like crazy!! n gossiping tOO..hehehe ;p

she's planning to continue her study ( major biology )..sort of..i don't really know what field of biology..(my bio ****..ngahaha)anyways, gudluck to u wany, i know u love bio so much, unlike me.n later u can tell me how the baby eat inside mum's belly and u can tell me y i have so much gastric juice in my stomach n how those living things do whatever they do?all those bio thingy laaa ( i'm curious and i'm so damn lazy to study those..but still i wanna know ;D)
and as for shana, u're gonna tell us about those bacteria rite? i'm pretty sure it's interesting though. all of u are goin to study bout living things ( nature-lover ) while i'm goin to study about bricks and steel and structure ( me...against nature?? )

after makan, ( masih xnk bergerak dr tempat makan..hahaha ) we spent almost like 3 hours kt situ..naseb baek x kene halau. then walked around the pyramid even though xde hala tujuan, walked and laughed and laughed ( again...but i felt really really happy )

thanks girls for the time.
really appreciate it.

and i really miss our old time
and the gedikness,
the drama,
the fight,
the tears..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

total crap

I'm suppose to study now, but can't help it. I feel like throwing the graphical calculator to my neighbour's dog even though the dog doesn't bother me at all. Or maybe I could throw the PHYSICS Cutnell book too, it's much more heavier so then I will be more satisfied. And after I throw it then I can calculate the projectile motion ( i should throw it from the balcony so that it will hit the target ) or maybe I could pour some oxalic acid into my coffee and calculate the concentration?

what's happening to me? I'm talking crap, excessive crap resulted from higher concentration of tests and assignments.

hani, get back to work!( reality check! )
mid term is just around the corner.
and u havent done ur so called persuasive speech
and study for physics test and econs too ( wht the..econs too? )

saye nk balek aloq setaq..huaaaaaaaaaa