Saturday, August 22, 2009

lizard alert

it was a good day for me..fasting, stay at home and delicious food for buke puasa...and i said to my sis, let's go for tarawih tonight and she agreed. we went with abah.
as usual we sat n waited for the tarawih prayers. it was all pretty calm and alhamdulillah i think i'm able to perform my prayer in a very peaceful mind and heart. but not for long though.

here's the story. as we were at the last two rakaat of the tarawih prayer, there was this tiny, no, not tiny...there was this brown creature in front of me, giving me a major heart attack!! LIZARD!! at first i thought i was having my usual eyesight problem. Standing up after sujud, i noticed the pattern on sejadah was moving and i ignored it. then only i saw a lizard was ON IT!!! and the lizard was moving around the sejadah. oh yeah of course i freaked out like hell but i CAN'T SHOUT, i'm praying..and i can't afford to run!! worst! where would i go if i run? everyone else are praying calmly and i can't shout, or i'll be causing a major chaos in the mosque. and of course i don't want to embarrass myself in front of everyone. by this time, i can't concentrete on my prayer anymore..(cicak buat aku x khusyuk semayang) i just stood still and wishing that the lizard won't come near me. but it did! it crossed in front of me and went inside kain telekung of the aunty in front of me. I freaked out again! I was like screaming loudly inside my heart.." makcik!!, ade cicak masuk kain makcik!! run! run for your life!!..yeah, i'm dramatic remember. I was wondering why the lizard would want to go inside somebody's telekung? it's a piece of cloth not a wall! so i assume that the lizard salah jalan since the telekung also is white in colour. but after the lizard realized he took a wrong road, he jump off from the white cloth and went off( i dnt exactly know where cz i didn't see it anymore) but deep inside i was still very afraid, in case the lizard went into my telekung next. huh! that was unforgettable.

on the way back, i was telling my father about the lizard incident with full enthusiasm and with all the screamings of yucks and ewwws and he smiled and calmly said to me.."ala, halau je cicak tu dgn kaki, dia kan kecik" "ye abah, it's small but it caused me a major heart attack and luckily i did not faint down.." and he just laughed. for the next few hours, my alertness level has increased tremendously, i kept looking down on the floor to make sure there's no lizard.. stupid!haha!
p/s: hope it's not too late,happy fasting to all muslim :D