Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it wasn't

i've been thinking a lot lately..seriously, a lot..

the idea of flying is always in my mind all this while and now too, and all i think about while studying was only flying high to the land of kangaroos and koalas, Australia. that's what drive me to study hard..the word FLYING..hah!!
hopes and dreams and a part of a well-planned future of mine. a well-planned future?? truth to be told, there was no plan. there was, but it was not this. it was only me graduating from high school and getting my spm results and go to any university which offers architecture, my one and only interest. days went by, and i got my results, thank God, good enough for me to secure a place in universities in Malaysia. Universiti Malaya was the place I suppose to offer letter arrived in my mailbox, i was glad, happy and thankful that i got it. in my mind, there's only architecture, campus life and a new car.there were no kangaroos.

i was excited over UM, but not for long.another news came along.

it was a calm and wonderful morning, on my bed, when i received a call from a friend of mine...

"hani dear, morning..u tdo lagi ke?"

" bru bgun..yy??"

"u bgun cepat, gi check internet, results jpa scholarship dah kluar, gi check cepat"

uh-uh..then only i remember about the scholarship. okay, my feelings were weird. i felt stupid and unhappy and scared at that moment..and i thought.."what on earth are you thinking?? scholarship?? and u think u're gonna get it??!"

just to make sure of this thought, i turned on the laptop but, the line was busy and i can't check the results. so that's that, i guess. i thought, why waste time waiting for the internet..definitely saye tak terpilih :(

cepat2 pgi mandi dan bersiap utk ke rumah pakcik saye for a small makan-makan. my mood was still unhappy though i didn't know the results.

On the way to my uncle's house...

received a text message from my fren again..

"asma, u dah check??"

"not yet, line's busy my later la, i'm on my way to my uncle's house ni, so xde internet :("

not long after dat...

my phone rang... it's her(my fren again)

"babe..erm i dah check kan for you"

"hah??!! how? mcm mane u blh check?? line bz kot"

"erm..i called jpa"

" cmne??"

"jap..u architecture kan syg?"


"hehe..just to mke sure. erm babe sorry la u x dapat la..."

huh....i can't describe how i felt when she said this, i already knew that i'm not that good for this scholarship and i think it was silly of me to think i'm going to get this scholarship.ok, the conversation went on..

"never mind la hany, u still goin to UM, that's a good university kot kat malaysia, so don't be sad yeah"

"oh erm xpela, i know, takde rezeki kot, anyway thank u cz tolong i check.."

ok and there was silence... ...."hello??"

"oh my God!! Asma Hani!! c'mon la babe, what are u thinking?? HAHAHAH!!" (okay dia gelak gle evil kot tyme nih)

"huh? dee..why?" (and me as usual, blurr..cube utk figure out nape minah ni gelak evil sgt?)

"asma hani..weyh ko ni...ya Allah..syg, takkan la u x dapat??!! u dapat la!!"

ok this time around, i was speechless, and actually i was confused (ni dapat ke x sebenarnye? huh)

"asma..u there? babe congrats!! oh my God, i'm sooooo happy..u deserved it hany..i know from the very start that u're gonna get this scholarship...haniii?...hani??" ( ok saye mmg xtau nak cakap apa waktu nih..sgt2 terkejut )

"erm..yeah? i'm still here...ouh ok alhamdulillah..wait, huh..i still can't believe this"

"syg..u dpt la, i saje tipu u mula2....nk tgk ur reaction, u caye eh i ckp mula2 tu?"

"oh dee..bia btul ni?"

"oh my God asma! u GOT IT!! i sendiri call jpa, cz i x sabar sgt.heheh. and bila i call diorg mintak u nye ic number, then i bagi, then diorang tanye course apa..i ckp la architecture..and then diorg pun check kan, dia cakap tahniah dik, adik dapat scholarship ni, nanti tunggu surat dp kami ye.."

"oh dia cakap camtu?"

"yup. x caye lagi ke? sumpah u, i x tipu"

"haha..caye caye...God, x sangke...." ( waktu ni barula menjerit kegembiraan ) i was in the car, so everyone was like..hani apahal jerit2 nih? huhu..actually diorang xtau i was on the phone ckp psl scholarship.

that's how it went
the plan that God made for me, alhamdulillah
a few weeks later, jpa offer later came
18 bulan
AUSMAT- uh-uh ausmat?? what's that?? macam penah dengar..hurmmmm
oh ausmat..yeap, heard of it once..erm, australian matriculation?
yes australian matriculation..sounds cool..haha..buttt...u guys know it well, no need details hah ;p

July journey started in KBU international college
6 months bridging programme and it ended with IELTS.
2009...AUSMAT..a year full of tears and joy. i still can't believe i went through torturing it was. but it was worth it. after 10 months of torture..i finally graduated succesfully. i must say, my TER score is not as high as the rest, but i'm truly glad and thankful :) alhamdulillah..
shortly after that, the university.. I got into the university of Adelaide :) my first choice
and i'll be flying in less than a month..

FLYING?? oh yess hani..u're going oversea..that's the plan

A plan that was not even in my mind back then..

and here i am, planning my life over's a mixture of feelings.. i feel happy of course, and excited to an extent, getting to a new different environment. i'm afraid too cz i dnt know what to expect, and it's gonna be far far away from home..

it's true, we made the plan, but God decide for us.

and i hope and pray for the best.. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


ouh finally here it comes...

i must admit i never had this kind of feelings before
i can't describe it
maybe it's like waiting for a baby to come out..haha..though i have not experience that before
but lebih kurang cam tu la kan, resah gelisah, x boleh nak duduk diam.adoiii..nervous cam apa je.
everyday i woke up and the first thing bukannye mandi or breakfast but check mailbox :)
EVERYDAY..yup2 everyday menanti dengan penuh harapan.

and the day before, syery called, telling me that some of us already received calls from idp..huaa, rase takot cz i didnt get any call yet ;( so that was it. malam tu jugak, i thought, eh pegi je la idp, dekat je and can go straight ask them :)
ok so that's the plan. esk pgi idp and ask them :)

but as usual la, asma hani ketika cuti, xpernah nak bgun pagi~hehe
so petang la kan, wait for mama to send me off.
9.30 am-my phone start dah bunyi, all kinds of songs kluar, as if i can wake up..hahah..jgn harap, buat habes batery phone je ;p
anyways, after one hour or more phone tu membazirkan tenaganye, finally it stopped :)
ok..get back to sleep(dengan amannye :) )
not long after that, msg pulak masuk. hurmm..thought it was mama, so i said.. 'ok ma, hani bangun la ni, no need to waste money texting me..'
tapi bila tgk je kat screen wasn't MAMA, it's Natto
haaaaa~why would natto text me early in the morning, must be something..
forced myself to open my eyes and read the it comes..natto asked to check email.

I jumped out from bed trus menuju ke laptop and check my inbox..........
here it of Adelaide :) this real? am i dreaming or what? pinch me someone
still blurr, took my phone and called natto, and yeay~ we got into the same uni
so there i was, smiling, alhamdulillah, i got what i want :)
and then just remember i haven't even brush my teeth and wash my face...hahaha

that was how it went, i'm glad, and i'm happy and sgt2 bersyukur
hopefully everything will be go on smoothly after and all
congrats to all, most of us got our top 3 choices..and let's just pray for the best...insyaallah
aussie here we come :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



life had its gleams of sunshine~