Saturday, April 25, 2009

i miss them


wany: hey hany
hany: wany!!! where r u dear? finish ur exam?
wany: ya.wany kt rumah..dh hbs exam :D
hany: bestnyee..
wany: finally it's over

..that was wany..telling me that she had finished her one-year matrix in penang. Great rite? she's getting her results soon and in July she's gonna enter university for her degree!! OMG! i can't believe it. how time flies?
and i have not meet her for almost that duration..ONE year kot! oh dear wany i miss u so much!
now that you're free, i'm the one who stuck in college, with no holiday and endless studies. God! i'm jealous of u now..haha.

and last wednesday..during economics class,this appeared on my phone screen:


'hey babe where are you? i miss u so much. i'm gonna sit for my finals next week. and after that i cuti. we can hang out together.'

oh shana dear.i miss u like hell.we haven't see each other for almost like 5 months.Gle lama.
we are both so busy.and i'm jealous of u too!! holiday fr almost 2 months.huaaaaa.nway, all the best for ur exams shana! i know u can do it! and dnt panic dear! i'll pray for u :D
and i miss my other 2 darlings, nur nadiah and nadhira.
hope u guys are in the pink of health.
to nadiah..Happy birthaday dear, wish u all the best, sesungguhnye kamu sudah tua..hehe.. and rmmbr, i love u! no matter what. thanks for ur support and advices.
to deera..i miss u a lot!! i know u're fine and happy as long as u're with him. love u too deera :D

hany, deera, shana, wany

beloved school ;p( gosh i miss this moment..gedik!! )

p/s: also another birthday wish to my beloved father, the greatest person of all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABAH..WISH U
ALL the BEST.sorry i couldn't afford to buy you a new golf set or any RALPH LAUREN perfume this time around.
But I'll always love u! thanks dad!! We all love u very much :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i'm not blind
i'm not deaf
and i'm not stupid

i do what i want
though sometimes i do care too much of what people think

i can see
i can hear
and i can think

i have feelings
like everyone else

i know
i realised
and i do care so much

i do what i think is right
even though
to others it's wrong

i'm sorry..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

wake up

it's already april

wake up people!!

especially me!!

wake up HANI!!

reminder to myself: it's already april, quarter of a year had already gone. 7 months more of ausmat. wanna go aussie or not??

seriously girl..u need to wake up and sedar diri..HELLO!! WAKE UP!!!

it's really make me shocked and suprised and scared too when syery told me we're entering the month of april. i thought only last week that i celebrated the new year of 2009 then suddenly, dalam sekelip mata... it's already been three months. HUH!!

i should be studying now and doing maths and physics assignments but i'm not in the mood in doing all those. i knw it's wrong. i shouldn't have this attitude now. i want to be a good student too. like other people. but i cannot help it. to mama and abah, i did study and put my effort to get high marks but i need a break. u both know me well. i'm not the kind of person who would indulge myself in books especially academic books. i'd rather go shopping..(hehehe ;p). but of course i didnt go shopping la ryte now. study first then only i go shopping.